The story Behind Cera Ceramics

Hi! I'm Victoria

I’m the pattern maker behind Erbaccia Studio, and I am so excited that you’re here!

I’ve always loved to sew, but could never find patterns that functioned in my outdoorsy life and made me feel cute and stylish at the same time.

After nearly a decade of working as an organic farmer, I went to school in Italy to become a professional pattern maker.

Erbaccia patterns are the result of everything I’ve learned in the Italian tradition of tailoring and pattern making. It’s my goal to make sewing patterns that you love to wear, and to make them fit as many different bodies as possible.

size-inclusive PDF Sewing patterns

Our Mission

To make fashion, sewing, and patternmaking more accessible and equitable for all bodies.

To deepen people’s connections to their craft, and its importance in their lives, and to center it in their lives as a way of making meaning, being embodied, and being in right relationship with their work, materials, and ancestors.