Confident Patternmaking
+ Confident Grading


Confident Patternmaking


4-Month Payment Plan 4x $527

6-Month Payment Plan 6x $357

Confident Grading


4-Month Payment Plan 4x $267

6-Month Payment Plan 6x $187

Confident Patternmaking + Grading Bundle


4-Month Payment Plan 4x $707

6-Month Payment Plan 6x $487


You dream of being able to pattern anything your heart desires to the most satisfying level of precision.

You love the idea of made-to-measure custom garments for bodies of all sizes.

You may or may not want to turn patternmaking into your career.


Your patternmaking skills are already at a professional level,

but it feels like you’ve been searching everywhere for someone who will teach you to grade size-inclusive patterns.

You want to learn a clear method of grading directly in Adobe Illustrator that also works in CAD pattern grading software.


You have professional aspirations for your patternmaking and grading.

You want all of the skills you need to develop your own PDF patterns for sale, start a fashion brand, or offer patternmaking and grading services.

Or you want nothing more than to deeply understand your craft. Knowing how to grade patterns is sure to be a useful bonus.

about your mentors

Picture of Victoria Werner

Victoria Werner

I did my patternmaking training in Rome and Milan, Italy at Istituto di Moda Burgo, a school which has spun out grads that now work for brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, and Alexander McQueen.

But I was never interested in that. It was always my intention to bring what I learned back to the sewing world.

The program I’ve created condenses what you would learn in a multi-year patternmaking degree program into 12 no-fluff weeks.

I’ve developed a complete method of patternmaking and grading that has taken my students successfully from knowing next to nothing about patternmaking to releasing their first sewing patterns and feeling confident that they can draft professional patterns for any garment they like.

I named Erbaccia after the Italian word for a weed, i.e. a plant that is undervalued and roots vigorously into whatever soil it finds itself in. It’s about being scrappy: growing personally and creatively despite the challenges that life inevitably brings.

Picture of Jessica Capalbo

Jessica Capalbo

I’m a sewing pattern designer, freelance pattern maker and grader, and someone who loves to sew clothes!

In January of 2023, I took a leap of faith and enrolled in Victoria’s pattern making and grading courses. Just 12 weeks later, I launched my very first PDF sewing pattern, the Tapioca Trousers!

With Victoria’s guidance, I became a full time pattern designer, freelance patternmaker and grader, and a mentor to folks just like you who are starting out on their patternmaking journey.

I’m passionate about making sewing and designing clothes more accessible to anyone who’s interested in learning. Whether you just want to design clothes for yourself or you want to start your own pattern line, you’re in the right place. I truly believe that with hard work and the right guidance, you hold the skills to make all your pattern making dreams come true.