When you learn patternmaking,

you can make any garment
that you can envision.

Imagine having the skills and a framework

to take your vision and turn it into a piece of clothing that fits you perfectly

regardless of your numerical size.

No more hunting for sewing patterns and no more compromising when you can’t find just the right one.

And when you do choose to sew from a pattern? 

You’ll understand exactly how to modify it to suit you.

Learn patternmaking on paper:

    • Rest your eyes from all that screen time and make something tangible.
    • Manipulate paper patterns as 3D models so that by the time you cut fabric, you’re already very close to a final result.

Learn digital patternmaking:

    • Store your vast library of patterns without the physical clutter.
    • Instantly duplicate and modify your basic blocks for maximum efficiency.
    • Format your patterns for sale as PDFs and start the indie pattern company that you’ve been dreaming of.
    • Find work as an in-demand digital patternmaker and work from anywhere doing what you love.

Ready to learn patternmaking?