Three format options are provided with each Erbaccia pattern: large format A0/Copyshop, a tiled format for printing at home on A4 or US letter paper, and a PDF optimized for use with a projector.

In order to print your pattern properly, you must confirm that the pattern will print to scale. If you’re having your pattern printed for you at a print shop, confirm that they will print at 100% scale. 

To check the scale on your home printer, first print only page 1 of the pattern. Your print settings should read “actual size” or 100% scale. Measure the scale squares on the printed page to check that the scale is accurate.  

Once you have confirmed the scale, print the remaining pages.

Assemble the pattern by folding under or trimming away the page margins. Use the page alignment marks and dashed pattern cut lines to match pages.

NOTE: HP brand printers are known to have issues printing PDF patterns. To prevent problems when printing with an HP printer, please select “Print as Image” in Advanced Printer Settings.

Erbaccia patterns use layers

By nature, a pattern with many sizes has lots of crossing lines that are confusing when they’re all viewed at once.

I highly recommend opening and printing your PDFs with Acrobat Reader, which gives you the ability to deselect/turn off the sizes you won’t be using. 

<– Locate the layers button on the left toolbar of Adobe Acrobat. Click the eye next to each size to turn it off.