Workshop with Mandy Plummer

Writing Instructions for Patterns that People Enjoy Making and Wearing

What you receive:
  • Private link to view and download the 90-minute workshop recording
  • PDF download of the presentation to read and reference


Doing the work of developing and grading a pattern is a monumental task. But once you’ve made it down that mountain, you find yourself at the base of another massive intimidating mountain 🏔️
Your next task is to write (and illustrate!) your pattern’s instructions 😵
It can be fast and painless, but usually only if you dash it off without much care 💁‍♀️
That’s not you though! I bet you want your pattern instructions to be the best 👏dang👏 pattern instructions that there ever were. You want to help people and include people and guide them through the enjoyable experience of sewing your pattern!
And if you’re anything like me, a single decision on something like creating pattern instructions can keep you hung up from making progress on something for weeks… or even years.
So wouldn’t it be helpful if you had a resource that laid out all of the things you need to create amazing pattern instructions? A resource that was clear and comprehensive and straightforward?
I’m excited to introduce you to that resource! Her name is @handmademandy and she is, dare I say, the leading expert in inclusive sewing pattern testing and instruction writing.
Mandy’s workshop, Writing Instructions for Patterns that People Enjoy Making and Wearing, originally available only to grads of the Confident Patternmaking & Grading course, is now available as a downloadable video 🎉🔗
The 90-min workshop is full of information that isn’t available anywhere else and Mandy provides it all in a way that feels clarifying and inspiring without being overwhelming.
Gift yourself and your business this workshop. It will truly help you to give others the best experience of your sewing pattern and your budding brand 🌱



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