Stellaria Dress Pattern

Exiting the place at 12:30 AM is like stepping through a wall of humid air. Is that instant sweat or some kind of condensation? But then you feel a breeze. It picks up the hem of your dress and flips it like a flag in the wind. Cool air kisses your back and you remember, this is why you were hungry for a tropical vacation in the first place. You still have your bathing suit on underneath so you decide that a night swim in the pool is in order before bed. You've always loved the way the pool light shimmers under the water.

Want a dress pattern versatile enough that you’ll make it over and over again?

Stellaria is that dress!

In an elegant fabric, it’s the perfect backless evening dress.

In linen, it’ll be your favorite beach cover-up.

In denim, it wears like a pair of overalls.

And get a load of all these options:

    • Optional thigh slit (for movement and some leg)
    • Optional flutter sleeves (offers some coverage, these armholes are scandalously low)
    • Optional hem ruffle (just because 💃)
    • Optional front patch pockets (for a country apron feel)

The instant download PDF pattern file includes:

    • Sizes 00-30 (up to 168 cm / 66 1/8″ hip circumference)
    • Fully illustrated step-by-step instructions suitable for any skill level
    • Three downloadable PDF formats (click here for printing info)
      • Tiled US Letter/A4 for printing at home
      • A0/Copyshop for large format printing
      • Projector optimized layout



Advanced Beginner


Mid-weight woven fabrics such as linen, cotton, rayon, viscose, etc. The straight shape of this dress lends itself well to fabrics with a bit less drape, meaning it works great with denim and canvas as well.

Fabric Requirements (Simple Dress)
60″1 3/81 3/81 1/21 1/21 1/21 1/21 1/21 1/21 1/21 1/21 1/21 5/81 3/41 7/81 7/822
54″1 3/81 3/81 1/21 1/21 1/21 1/21 1/21 1/21 5/81 3/41 3/41 7/81 7/8222 1/82 1/4
Fabric Requirements (Dress with Ruffles)
60″1 7/81 7/81 7/8222 3/82 3/82 1/22 1/22 3/42 3/42 3/42 3/4333 1/43 1/4
54″2222 1/82 1/82 1/22 1/22 5/82 5/82 7/82 7/82 7/82 7/83 1/43 1/43 1/23 1/2
  • Thread in a matching color
  • Basting thread
  • Thread in a contrasting color for topstitching (optional, but excellent with denim)

Stellaria media is the botanical name of chickweed, a juicy edible plant that grows all over the world in disturbed soils. Stellaria’s flowers have thin white petals that radiate out from the center, looking very much like a star.

In my arid garden in Montana, you had to look close to see the tiny stars. Stellaria plants there were sprawled out flat on the ground, often hidden under the edges of a head of lettuce or in the rows of potatoes. In Rome, the plants grow knee-high with fat leaves and the flowers are nearly as big as a dime.

Stellaria is a plant that’s just as much as home in the garden as she is growing between the cracks in a sidewalk. She’s out there, adding a little cosmic sparkle, whether anyone notices her or not.

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